Newby & Padley are Varilux® Lens specialists


Choosing the correct lenses to go into your new frame is something we as qualified opticians do every working day.

Newby & Padley Optometrists can source and supply the best lenses for your prescription and requirements; the thinnest, lightest and toughest frame and lens combinations currently available.

We have our own glazing workshop where we are able to cut and fit the lenses in to the frames and also do any minor repairs. We carry stocks of single vision lenses, so in an emergency, if your glasses are broken, we can often make a new pair the same day.

Types of Lenses

Single Vision. This is the simplest lens form having a single prescription which will correct just one eyesight problem. This correction might be used for driving or reading or computer. A younger person may need only one pair of single vision spectacles to correct all of these tasks whereas an older person may need a dedicated single vision pair of spectacles for each task, or alternatively may opt for varifocal or bifocal lenses.

Bifocal. The lens incorporates two prescriptions and has a distinct visible dividing line. They are used to correct Presbyopia, the condition where the lens loses its flexibility with age and we lose close focus. Usually they have the distance prescription in the top area and reading in the lower area, although can be used with computer in the top and reading in the bottom as an office lens.

Varifocal, or progressive lenses. These lenses also have a distance and reading area but do not have a visible dividing line. Instead they have an invisible corridor between the two areas where the power progressively changes from distance to near, giving help at middle distances. Although varifocals can take sometimes take a period of adaptation, the newer freeform designs incorporate the latest technologies to minimise this. We dispense many different design of varifocal from some of the worlds best lens manufacturers. We fit Essilor progressives and are recognised as a Varilux® lens specialist, along with the latest designs from Hoya, Kodak and Zeiss.

Occupational. For mid and near vision such as computer work we can advise either a special design of progressive lens or a bifocal design with a special prescription.

Lens Coatings and Materials

Newby & Padley Optometrists

Coated Lenses

Newby & Padley Optometrists

Anti-reflection Lenses

Hi index (extra thin and light lenses) are made from a denser material using special technology to enable lens prescriptions that were previously quite thick to be produced thinner and flatter. They cost a little more but the benefits of a lighter lens that is cosmetically more attractive make them a worthwhile consideration.

Photochromic (Transitions). These lenses darken in sunlight to automatically regulate the amount of light entering your eyes, thereby reducing strain due to glare. They offer 100% UV protection.

Anti-reflection, scratch resistant Scratch resistant coatings protect the lens surface from the scratches associated with general wear and tear. Anti-reflection coatings are applied to the surfaces of the lens to reduce reflections from the front and back. They are good for driving at night, reducing glare from street lights and car headlights. Essilor's Crizal Forte coating combines a scratch resistant coating with an easy clean hydrophobic anti reflection coating.

Polarised. These cut out UV light and glare, so are recommended for water sports and driving.

Tinted lenses. You can choose from a wide range of colour tints – brown, green and grey are the best for sunglasses.

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